Release notes for HestiaCP v1.4.8

Release date: Juli 27 2021


  • Add support for automated testing for HestiaCP code with @drone
  • Add support for SMTP server for internal email #1988 @Myself5 / #1165


  • Updated jQuery and jQuery UI to the latest version due to a vulnerability in jQuery. @dependabot
  • Resolve issue with double ENFORCE_SUBDOMAIN_OWNERSHIP keys in hestia.conf
  • Resolve issue with create new user during install in some cases #2000
  • Fixed an issue with Quick Install apps named Test123 (@PsychotherapistSam)
  • Fix an issue with dovecot 2.3 ssl config (#1432)
  • Load $HESTIA path during upgrade script (#1698)
  • Remove TLS 1.1 from Proftpd config (#950)
  • Don't remove postfix when Exim is not installed (#1995)
  • Fix a bug in no-php Nginx FPM template (##2007)
  • Update German translations
  • Fixed a few minor error in Mail DMS records (#2005)