Release notes for HestiaCP v1.4.4

Release date: June 30 2021


  • Add Nginx user_agent separation to desktop/mobile (e.g. for fastcgi cache)
  • Run phpmyadmin folder under www-data user instead of "user" improving security. (@bet0x)
  • Added new template for mod php users to access phpmyadmin


  • Add template for when webmail is disabled allowing to generate SSL.
  • Fix PHP bug in /list/log/
  • Fix issue with time in /list/services as it was showing as 50 minute1 instead of minutes
  • Add missing back buttons + fix behaviour of back buttons on login page.
  • Set "default" when WEB_TEMPLATE and PROXY_TEMPLATE is missing in user.conf
  • Add BACKEND_TEMPLATE to default package
  • Fix possible error occur for v-rebuild-cron-jobs #1943 (thanks @clarkchentw)
  • Restrict access File manager when SSH is enabled for the user (@bet0x)
  • Check for DNS domains when running v-change-sys-ip-nat (@clarkchentw)
  • Fix logical error in installer (@clarkchentw)