Release notes for HestiaCP v1.4.11

Release date: August 24 2021


  • Added support for Debian 11 (Bullseye) #1611
  • Added support for openssl in hestia-php
  • Use hestia-php for installing dependencies to solve issue user configurations (hestia-php 7.4.22 required)
  • Replace old firewall system with systemd service / startup script #2064 @myrevery
  • Add Quick installers for GravCMS, Docuwiki and Mediawiki (#2002) @PsychotherapistSam


  • Improve handling upgrade of Roundcube #1917
  • Fix an issue with sorting the update scripts when version goes higher then 1.x.10
  • Allow the use of multiple CAA records for domain. #2073
  • Add missing group (www-data) to migrate_phpmyadmin script #2077 @bet0x
  • Fix an issue where get forwarded to /var/spool/news
  • Synced up translations with HestiaCP (IT, PL, RU, SK and ZN-CN updated)