Release notes for HestiaCP v1.3.1

Release date: Nov 17 2020


  • No new features have been introduced in this release.


  • Fixed an issue where updates for hestia-php were incorrectly being marked as out-of-date in the UI due to a change in our servicing and package versioning scheme.
  • Fixed an issue that occured on the Updates page where the table row color of available updates would be difficult to read.
  • Fixed an issue where an administrator would get stuck in a loop trying to navigate back after adding a SSH key.
  • Fixed an issue where long table entries which exceeded the table length would overlap other UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue where the total amount of items on a page would fail to display correctly.
  • Improved the accuracy and reliability of tooltips throughout the the Control Panel UI:
  • Removed unnecessary tooltips from buttons and other elements.
  • Fixed incorrect tags which prevented tooltips from being displayed.
  • Introduced tooltips to counter items on the Users, Packages, and Statistics pages to help better distinguish statistics.
  • Improved the display of items, quotas, and suspended items in the Control Panel navigation header - thanks @cmstew!
  • Fixed an issue which caused higher than normal CPU usage during an upgrade due to a duplicate condition in the rebuild process.
  • Fixed minor spelling inconsistencies in command line script comments and output text.
  • Fixed an issue where old configuration files were not cleaned up when moving domains with v-change-domain-owner.
  • Fixed an issue where a no backend template doesn't exist could potentially would appear after upgrade with older templates (#1322).
  • Introduced caching templates for nginx + php-fpm configurations - thanks @cmstew!
  • Fixed an issue where DNS cluster updates could fail due to the format of a DKIM record in an available zone - thanks @jrohde!
  • Improved the quality of comment formatting in command line scripts - thanks @bisubus!
  • Fixed an issue where the logo was not displayed in the File Manager - thanks @robothemes!
  • Fixed an issue in the Control Panel UI which caused databases and additional FTP accounts to be named incorrectly if manually prefaced with the username.
  • Fixed an issue where custom document roots were not saved correctly.
  • Improved the visibility of service availability in the Control Panel UI.
  • Fixed an issue which let you unsuspend a cronjob on active demo mode.
  • Updated DE, EN, ES, KO, NL and TR languages, thanks to @Wibol, Blackjack, @emrahkayihan, areo and @hahagu!
  • Fixed an issue which let the auto compiler fail with local src builds.
  • Added turkish language to system installers, thanks to @emrahkayihan!
  • Fixed incorrect error message when using unknown domain with v-delete-domain.