Release notes for HestiaCP v1.2.1

Release date: Jul 27 2020

82 Commits since v1.2.0 github


  • Consolidated First and Last Name fields to a singular name field to simply input.
    • v-change-user-name will now accept both "First Last" (single argument) and First Last (two arguments) for backward compatibility.
  • Removed ntpdate from new installations and enable systemd timesync daemon instead (thanks @braewoods)


  • Fixed an issue where Composer would fail to install due to missing default directory.
  • Corrected an issue where two-factor authentication validation was causing high CPU load during the login process. The login screen has been re-designed as a multi-step process (Username > Password > OTP PIN).
  • Corrected an issue where text entry fields on the login screen were not automatically focused by default.
  • Fixed an issue where RDNS value was incorrectly set if dig failed to resolve the server name.
  • Fixed an issue where icons were pushed down in the header when using Bulgarian as the display language. (#932)
  • Fixed an issue where new backups were not created when running v-schedule-user-backup-download. (#918)
  • Fixed an issue where default configuration files and templates were not backed up correctly.
  • Improved quality of default web domain templates for Drupal. (#916)
  • Added missing strings to translation files (translations to follow).
  • Corrected an issue where toolbars were out of place on the Mail and Firewall pages when using Bulgarian or Greek languages due to string length.
  • Improved Spanish translations (thanks @Wibol)
  • Improved German translations (thanks @ronald-at)
  • Improved Russian translations (thanks @Pleskan)

Known issues and notes

  • User name may be incorrectly displayed in the File Manager.
    • Workaround: Run v-delete-sys-filemanager && v-add-sys-filemanager to reinstall the File Manager.
  • Let's Encrypt renewal fails when removing alias from web domain (#856)
  • Some translation strings need to be updated for accuracy (#746)
  • v-restore-user only works with backup archives stored in /backup mount point (#641)