Release notes for HestiaCP v1.1.1ΒΆ

Release date: Mar 24 2020

51 Commits since v1.1.0 github

  • Fixed phpMyAdmin blowfish and tmp directory issues.
  • Added additional verification of host domain in password reset. Thanks to @FalzoMAD and @mmetince!
  • Fixed issue with rc.local not executing properly.
  • Rework of Let's Encrypt routine to use progressive delay between validation retries.
  • Fixed syntax issue in v-list-sys-db-status which prevented main functions from loading.
  • Removed /home size reporting when running v-list-sys-info due to performance issues.
  • Updated installer to use Ubuntu key server for Hestia APT repository.
  • Fixed duplicate demo mode check in v-change-user-password.