Release notes for HestiaCP v1.6.0

Release date: June 14 2022

Important Notes


If you are planning to upgrade from Ubuntu 18.04 or 20.04 to Ubuntu 22.04 please read the instructions carefully
  • Added support for Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy. If you planning to upgrade your server from Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04 to Ubuntu 22.04 read the instruction carefully!
  • Issues with Ubuntu and Netplan and additional ip addresses has been discovered if this is the case for your setup please check if Netplan configuration is correct.
  • Due to know security issues with Rainloop CVE-2022-29360 and the lack of updates from there side we are planning to update / replace Rainloop with Snappymail. How ever minor changes are needed to the release of Snappymail. The required changes have been made however we are waiting for for the final release of 2.16.4
  • Added support for Yescrypt and ARGON2ID for storing passwords of the users / email accounts password. If you encounter any issues (after importing a backup) with logging change the user / email account password and it will solve any issues.


  • Dropped support for Debian 9 for new installs (#2537)
  • Dropped support for RSSH on Ubuntu 18.04 on install (#2537)
  • Dropped support for TLS1.1 and older for Dovecot (#2012 and #2538)


  • Added support for Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy (#2537 #2489)
  • Added support Exim rate limits for email accounts via UI (#2225 and #2523 @madito)
  • Added support to delete spam when reaching certain threshold (#2206 and #2200 @madito)
  • Added support to send mail to an unauthenticated SMTP relay (#2441 @clarkchentw)
  • Replace default MD5 encoding with ARGON2ID for Debian 10 and Ubuntu 20.04 and higher (#2421 @stsimb)
  • Added support for Yescrypt (#2235 / #2499)
  • Upgrade backend to PHP8.1 due to compatibility issues Jammy (#2515)
  • Introduce new api allowing users to use certain commands over API (#2535 and #1333)
  • Allow "Purge" cache button visible on templates with the name cacheing-your-template-name (#2526 #2530)
  • Add hooks to hestia-nginx and hestia-php (#2440)
  • Update DNS cluster to support new API system (#2587)


  • Fixed an issue where --hostname and --email did not validated when using --interactive no (#2532 #2531)
  • Fixed an issue with the detection if MariaDB 10.7 was running (#2536 @gOOvER)
  • Fixed an issue with downloading a backup as a standard user (#2524 #2525)
  • Remove duplicated package installer (#2520 @rfzh1996)
  • Fixed an issue with "Do not allow user to login" checkbox sync up with real settings (#2507 #2513)
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a suspended users did not decrease the suspended user counter (#2504 #2531)
  • Fixed an issue where domain with redirect enabled was not able to "request" Lets encrypt ssl (#2514 #2176)
  • Add an notice when using Blackblaze on a ARM64 based server (#2394 @zedpr0)
  • Add rsyslog as a dependency (#2505)
  • Fixed an issue when a user import a backup a let's encrypt cronjob was not created on default. (#2498 @NickCoolii)
  • Add missing translation conversions in backup list (#2501)
  • Update example in v-add-web-domain-backend (#2500 gingerbeardman)
  • Update example in v-add-letsencrypt-domain (#2442)
  • Fixed an issue in by loading /etc/hestiacp/hestia.conf (#2488)
  • Update Cloudflare ips in nginx.conf (#2542 @clarkchentw)
  • Remove duplicate code in Ubuntu installer (#2542 @clarkchentw)
  • Fixed an issue in Nginx + Apache2 mail "disabled" template. Causing users unable to request an valid ssl certificate (#2550 #2549)
  • Fixed an issue with "Reject spam" option not working (#2551 #2545)
  • Fixed an issue with Editing / Adding DNS records (#2546, #2547, #2548 @DuoCZ)
  • Fixed an issue with TXT records longer then 255 characters (#2559)
  • Fixed an issue with wp-cli permission denied and allow wp-cli to be run in v-run-cmd command (#2562 and #2565)
  • Fixed an issue with apt-get install output not written to install log (#2585)
  • Fixed multiple issues with improved Quick installer app for Wordpress (#2583)
  • Changes in upstream package caused phpMyAdmin Single Sign on feature to break (#2591)
  • Fixed issues with DNS cluster and the new API (#2587)
  • Fixed an issue where PHPpgAdmin config files was not renamed to .inc for Apache2 setups (#2592)
  • Startup Fail2ban on boot for Ubuntu 22.04 (#2596 #2594)
  • Fixed issue with duplicate config value (#2640 @Kujoe and #2605 #2610 )
  • Fixed an issue with change password function for webmail clients
  • Fixed multiple issues with Quick install apps in general (#2444, #1092, #2638)
  • Fixed an issue with memory usage graph and non english locale (#2643 #2540)
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect download path ftp backup (#2636 @cloudyhostcom)
  • Add php8.1 in v-run-cli-cmd (#2630 @gOOvER)
  • Fixed multiple issues with wildcard and Letsencrypt (#2627, #2626, #2624, #2623)
  • Fixed multiple issues in v-change-domain-owner (#2618, #2617, #1864)
  • Fixed an issue with MariadDB 10.8 detection (#2616)
  • Fixed an issue with netplan and additional ip addresses (#2612)
  • Removed MariaDB repo form Ubuntu 22.04 install
  • Don not install Roundcube dependencies if Roundcube is missing while installing sieve.
  • Remove duplicated code in v-add-web-domain-ssl