Release notes for HestiaCP v1.5.5

Release date: January 27 2022



  • Modify template warning #2346
  • Removed from the default accepted ip list api. (#2325)
  • Update translations


  • Update CSS to prevent wrapping in email info box (#2353) @chriscapisce
  • Remove unwanted debug information regarding PhpMyAdmin SSO causing emails to be send to administrator
  • Allow the use of 8 name servers for DNS templates (Gmail, Zoho and Office 365) (#2369, #2370)
  • Fixed an issue where databases where not able to backup if it required custom settings
  • Allow users to edit default.pkg again. On new installs the default admin user will get assigned a new system.pkg (#2365)
  • Disable enabling PMA SSO when Api was disabled + Added link to FAQ for frequently asked questions. (#2365)
  • Remove error_reporting(null) and allow all errors to be logged in /var/log/hestia/nginx-error.log (#2365)
  • Fixed an issue where value "Allow suspended wasn't saved" (#2356, #2355)
  • Fixed and issue where AUTH_USER and AUTH_HASH was not present and there for during rebuild caused issues with Nginx (#2350, #2355)