Release notes for HestiaCP v1.5.3

Release date: January 05 2022


  • No new features where introduced


  • Fixed an issue where suspended objects where excluded in disk size calculation (#2312 #2313)
  • Fixed an issue when a users was unable edit them self when 2FA was enabled (#2314 #2316)
  • Fixed an issue in v-add-user-sftp as ftp users where not recognised as valid sftp jail set ups (#2308 #2319)
  • Fixed an issue when "Preview" features got disabled it kept the preview features enabled (#2322 #2323)
  • Limit access openbase dir hestia-php
  • Fixed an issue where an email was send after install nginx command not found (#2328)


  • Update PCRE 8.84 to PCRE2 10.39 for hestia-nginx package
  • Update Roundcube to 1.5.2 (Release notes)
  • Update PHPMailer to 6.5.3 (Release message)