Release notes for HestiaCP v1.5.2

Release date: December 21 2021


  • Release notes are now available from the notification panel (#2276)
  • Web domain aliases are now displayed in the domain list (#2278 / #2289)
  • DNS, Mail, and Database sections will now be hidden in /edit/server if not installed (#2300)
  • Turkey has been added as an option for ipset (#2294)


  • Improvements have been made to overall code quality (#2293, #2298, #2307)
  • Added improvements to the automated testing suite (bats) (#2280)
  • Clarified text that is shown during upgrade process (#2270)
  • Updated web domain templates to allow the use of .user.ini (#2267 / #2269)
  • Fixed an issue with the curl symlink on Debian during build process (#2275)
  • Fixed an issue where CAA records were deleted when turning off SSL for webmail (#2279)
  • Fixed an issue where email validation would fail when using IDN domains (#2273)
  • Changed behavior to prevent php-fpm restarts when modphp is installed (#2270)
  • Fixed an issue where passwords may not be correctly set on Debian 11 (#2270)
  • Fixed an issue with command path v-change-firewall-rule (#2249)
  • Fixed an issue in v-backup-user where you may encounter an error "invalid parameters for check_result" (#2284)
  • Fixed an issue which impacted the performance of Nextcloud/Owncloud ([forum post](
  • Fixed an issue where the access port for HestiaCP was not properly set on install (#2288 / #2291)
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not log in as a suspended user in the panel (#2286 / #2289)
  • Fixed an issue where the "Delete" button in the Edit User interface did not work as expected (#2282 / #2289)
  • Fixed an issue where editing an existing firewall rule with ipset would fail (#2292)
  • Fixed an error that may occur in /edit/server when no extra php versions were installed (#2289)
  • Fixed an issue where accessing the panel via Safari would result in error NSPOSIXErrorDomain:100 (#2274)
  • Corrected command syntax in v-delete-dns-records (#2295)
  • Fixed an issue where API allowed IP list values would be lost when saving changes (#2296 / #2300)
  • Fixed an issue where the debug mode option was not displayed on release builds and would be reset when saving server settings (#2300)
  • Fixed an issue where grep would throw an error when adding ipset rules for the first time (#2307)
  • Fixed incorrect variable spelling ($v_interace > $v_interface) (#2307)
  • Updated mail domain templates
  • Updated command line examples for
  • Fixed an issue where Lets encrypt was not able to obtain an valid ssl certificate when force ssl and / or redirect was enabled (#2176 / #2304 / #2304)
  • Fixed an issue in v-list-sys-dns-status