Release notes for HestiaCP v1.5.1

Release date: December 1 2021


  • Add B2 delete file support to BlackBlaze
  • Open phpmyadmin in new tab or window #2250 @manuelserol
  • Fix issue with ipset not working properly Forum
  • Improve port detection on multiple servers for SSH #2242 and #2255
  • Fixed an issue with # in config files
  • Fixed multiple bugs in installer
  • Set correct permission /install/deb/ folder
  • Adjust /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hestia.list to include architecture to resolve issue with I386 missing in
  • Fallback to hostname without retrying ptr lookup in exim (#2259)
  • Enable quota with in dovecot when sieve is enabled @madito
  • Unable to edit php8.1 service #2261


  • Update Roundcube to 1.5.1