Release notes for HestiaCP v1.5.0

Release date: November 25 2021

Breaking changes

  • NOTE: Changes have been made on how phpmyadmin/phppgadmin config are included in apache2 config. To restore to the old behaviour add IncludeOptional conf.d/.inc below IncludeOptional conf.d/.conf in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and restart your server.
  • NOTE: Hestia packages for arm64 has been added to please use the normal install instructions instead! For current ARM installs to enable auto update remove the # in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hestia.list # deb focal main becomes deb focal main and then run apt update && apt upgrade -y


  • Add support for Dovecote Sieve #2163 (@gejobj)
  • Improve HELO based system and use RDNS lookup instead our old system
  • Add support for PHP 8.1 #2233
  • Set default php version for new installs to PHP 8.0
  • Add support for ARM64 Processors
  • Disable access phpmyadmin/phppgadmin over ip address in Apache2 #2072


  • Disable /reset/ endpoint when POLICY_SYSTEM_PASSWORD_RESET = no #2167
  • Add rate limit forgot password #2199
  • Prevent SOA count up after v-change-dns-records with no changes are made
  • Fix #1296 Log rotate does not rotate logs any more on Ubuntu 20.04 and Debian 11
  • Run shellcheck to improve code quality
  • Improve ssh port detection for filemanager. Allowing users to create /etc/ssh/sshd.conf.d/custom.conf with custom port
  • Fix an bug in v-add-letsencrypt-host due to changes of Lets Encrypt causing issues with rate limiting
  • Improve Update process Hestia and allow versions to decide a a rebuild is required
  • Add Download SSL certificate function for self generated ssl certificates #2181
  • Block access to .user.ini for Nginx + Apache2 #2179
  • Add support for download B2 backup to local server to allow for restore #2199
  • Update permissions /var/log/roundcube on older installations #2173
  • Update translations
  • Fix Roundcube permissions
  • Add .webp to list of media formats that can be cached by the browser
  • Disable /list/log/auth when in Demo mode
  • Fix #1139 By force rebuilding webmail config files
  • Fix a bug in rebuild mysql database @depca
  • Fix #1239 Bug in basic auth not working properly
  • Add validation for email address before install server for admin account
  • Fix bug in v-change-domain-owner #2210
  • Improve input validation Add / Edit User package and improve reading config files to prevent security issues.