Getting Started

Getting Hestia installation script

Log in to your server as root, either directly or via SSH to install HestiaCP with 3 easy steps:

ssh [email protected]

Then Hestiacp is available on and https://public.ip:8083


If your not root, the whole process can fail!


  • CPU Architecture: AMD64 (x86_64 Intel or AMD) or ARM64 (Aarch64)
  • Debian 11 or 10
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS or 18.04 LTS


32 bit operating systems are not supported!


Hestia Control Panel must be installed on top of a fresh operating system installation to ensure proper functionality.

All available options of install script

To get all installation options run the following command bash -h

You will see the entire list of options available

-a, --apache          Install Apache        [yes|no]  default: yes
-w, --phpfpm          Install PHP-FPM       [yes|no]  default: yes
-o, --multiphp        Install Multi-PHP     [yes|no]  default: no
-v, --vsftpd          Install Vsftpd        [yes|no]  default: yes
-j, --proftpd         Install ProFTPD       [yes|no]  default: no
-k, --named           Install Bind          [yes|no]  default: yes
-m, --mysql           Install MariaDB       [yes|no]  default: yes
-g, --postgresql      Install PostgreSQL    [yes|no]  default: no
-x, --exim            Install Exim          [yes|no]  default: yes
-z, --dovecot         Install Dovecot       [yes|no]  default: yes
-Z, --sieve           Install Sieve         [yes|no]  default: no
-c, --clamav          Install ClamAV        [yes|no]  default: yes
-t, --spamassassin    Install SpamAssassin  [yes|no]  default: yes
-i, --iptables        Install Iptables      [yes|no]  default: yes
-b, --fail2ban        Install Fail2ban      [yes|no]  default: yes
-q, --quota           Filesystem Quota      [yes|no]  default: no
-d, --api             Activate API          [yes|no]  default: yes
-r, --port            Change Backend Port             default: 8083
-l, --lang            Default language                default: en
-y, --interactive     Interactive install   [yes|no]  default: yes
-s, --hostname        Set hostname
-e, --email           Set admin email
-p, --password        Set admin password
-f, --force           Force installation
-h, --help            Print this help

Example of usage: bash -w yes -t no -c no -x yes -z yes -b yes -i yes -m yes -l de \ -s hostname.youdomain.tld -e -p yourpasswordhere -a no -k no -o no


Here is a small tool to create a setup string for you:

Then Hestia will install following software on your system:

  • Nginx Web Server
  • PHP-FPM Application Server
  • Exim Mail Server
  • Dovecot POP3/IMAP Server
  • MariaDB Database Server
  • Vsftpd FTP Server
  • IPtables Firewall + Fail2Ban Intrusion prevention software