Customizing Hestia

Can I customize HestiaCP

Currently we only support changing the layout via CSS. Changes to the HTML file are currently no supported as they break during update procedures.

How can I add a new theme

Create a new file

touch /root/mycss.css

Make your changes to CSS file.

.body-login, .body-reset {
    height: auto;
    padding-top: 10%;
    background: rgb(231, 102, 194) !important;
    background: radial-gradient(circle, rgba(231, 102, 197, 1), rgba(174, 43, 177, 1)) !important;

Run the following command

v-add-sys-theme mycss local
Please enter the full path to the CSS file to import: /root/mycss.css

How can I customize a default theme

Changes to the default supplied themes are always over written during updates. How ever via the v-add-sys-theme you can create a new theme.

When we want to change the dark theme

cp $HESTIA/install/deb/themes/dark.css /root/mycss.css

Apply your changes and follow the instructions above

Can I change any html template

Changes to any html will be reset during upgrades this also applies for installing 3rd party software that changes the html pages.