SSL Certificates and Let's Encrypt

How to setup Let's Encrypt for the control panel

Make sure the hostname of the server is pointed to the ip address and you set the hostname correctly.

If not done use the command

v-change-sys-hostname host.domain.tld

Then run the following command


Common errors using Lets Encrypt

If you are experiencing any problems.

Common errors are that are


Due to changes in the code the error message has been changed. The following list will be extended in the futere.

Error Message
The Rate limit of the maximum requests have been passed.
Please check for how active certificates you have.

Can I request a SSL Certificate with Lets Encrypt

Yes, you are able to enable Lets Encrypt even with Cloudflare how ever it need some special steps

  1. Disable Cloudflare proxy of you domain.
  2. Wait Approx 5 min due to caches by several name servers
  3. Request a Certificate via Control pannel or use the CLI command
  4. Enable proxy
  5. Switch over to Full (strict) (Go to SSL/TLS Tab)

Updating should be no issue anymore. And updates are not effected anymore

Can I use a Cloudflare Origin SSL Certificate with Cloudflare

  1. Please follow the following steps
  2. When you complete Step 1.
  3. You can enter your SSL keys in "Edit Web Domain" page.
  4. You still need to enter the intermediate certificate this one can be found here.
  5. Switch over to Full (strict) (Go to SSL/TLS Tab)