PhpMyAdmin Single Sign On

Unable to activate PhpMyAdmin Single Sign on

Make sure api is enabled and working properly. Hestia PhpMyAdmin Single Sign On function connects over the HestiaCP Api.

When clicking on "phpMyAdmin" button i am forwarded to the login page of PhpMyAdmin

Automated is casuing sometimes issues. First login into SSH and open /var/log/{webserver}/domains/{ and check for the following error messages.

Unable to connect over API please check api connection

  1. Check if the api has been enabled
  2. Add your public ip of your server to the allowed ip in the "Server settings"

Access denied: There is a security token mismatch

  1. Enable and then Disable the API. This will refresh both keys.
  2. If you are behind a firewall, proxy you may want to disable it. And then try again.